Hi I’m Sarah, I’m a Wife, mother, hairstylist and inspiring writer now. But most importantly I’m Everlee’s mom.

Six years ago I married the most amazing man, Jeremy. His daughter Jayda became mine and my daughter Emma became his. Then we had Alice and Everlee.
The day Everlee was born September 8, 2015, our life would change forever. Our world stopped that day as we thought we would get to say hello, but hello turned into a goodbye. Much to soon to our littlest love. Our Everlee Jo.
Life became very hard from that day forward. No body should ever have to say goodbye to their child that soon.
Life hasn’t gotten any easier. We now are dealing with the emotions of infertitly, Everlee was suppose to be our last child. We just are very incomplete now.
Through my grief these past years I began to write. My writing allows me to fully express my pain and solve my thoughts and feelings on paper. I have found my writing to touch others through my journey. I hope to one day to complete a book and have something physical to hold in my hands to come out of all this pain. Something beautiful to share my beautiful daughter with the world.